Monday, January 30, 2012

The Grail - Gold Edition

Follow this carefully: you lay out a prediction card, then you get the spectator to name a number, then you hand THEM the deck and have them count down to that exact number and pull out THAT card. The two are the same. It's one of the Any Card At Any Number type effects with a slight variation, and it's amazing to see.

There are no difficult sleights with this effect (just one possible move you might have to do, and it looks natural). You will have to work out a little simple math very quickly, but it is really easy. The rest falls on presentation. There are a few variations provided here that give you different ways to present this effect (using different cards!) so you can repeat this effect at a later time and have a different outcome. Even creating your own predicted cards (in case you want a particular one chosen for some reason) is easy.

This one has it all and is one of those easy-to-do miracles that will blow their minds. As an added bonus, it's absolutely possible to use the deck for other effects after you do this trick, though you will need to open with Grail as it's not a closer unless you do a deck switch.

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