Friday, February 3, 2012


This may seem a little pricey for what is essentially a two-trick DVD, but it does give you over an hour of teaching covering the revolution color change. Aaron Fisher is an incredible teacher, and there is literally no nuance left out of his teaching of this move. I promise you that with a few minutes practice you'll have this one down.

The beauty of this DVD is how he not only teaches you the move, but then goes on to show you a few effects (including a color-changing deck routine you'll use) that incorporate the move. With your imagination seeded from there, you can easily see where you can use this for a number of possibilities.

While I feel Fisher's "Search and Destroy" is a superior effect to own, the camera work on the teaching part of this is much better. The camera man on SaD kept wandering around during the filming like he'd lost interest and had better things to do. Here the camera is more stationary for the most part and the close ups help you see the moves clearly. I still feel this costs a little too much for what you're getting (even though it's the same price as "Search and Destroy"), though the move you'll learn here is invaluable.